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Over 10% of couples sleep in separate rooms because of snoring. The sound of snoring is made by a vibration of soft tissue in the back of the throat. When we lie down at night and the jaws relax, the mouth drops open, causing airflow over the tongue and soft tissue. Whether or not apnea is occurring, snoring is a sign that oxygen flow is being restricted and a lot of health conditions are the result.

Oral appliances start at $800 with a money back guarantee after 30 days.

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~ Dr. Mary Ann Childs

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Mary Ann Childs, DMD

Dr. Mary Ann Childs has over 20 years of experience in the field of dentistry. The bulk of her career was spent restoring beautiful smiles to perfect health. Midway through her dental career, she was introduced to dental sleep medicine. After a take home sleep study, she realized she as well as her entire family suffered from varying degrees of sleep breathing disorder, with or without snoring. She immediately began educating her patients on the life threatening disease and offering solutions.

Dr. Childs has spent the last several years focusing on counseling individuals on the dangers of storing and sleep apnea. She has formed relationships with ENTs, myofunctional therapies, periodontists, orthodontists, etc to refer her patients to as she guides patients through the journey of the airway. Her primary objective is to help every patient that she has the honor of treating to better, prolonged health.

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